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Father - Son Campout 2009

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Please remember to pack and dress appropriately for the weather!
(weather check link below)

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Pack 90 invites you to a fun filled weekend camping and fishing at Lake Somerville (Birch Creek) on November 14th and 15th. A beautiful State Park about a 90 minute drive from Austin. (DOWNLOAD DRIVING DIRECTIONS or Google Map Link) The official start to the Campout is 09:00 am on Saturday, November 14th. However, if you would like to come out early and arrive Friday, November 13th, that is an option although the Father-Son Campout does not officially start until the next morning at 09:00 am. All BSA Rules and Pack requirements will be followed at all times while in the park.

Webelos I and II (in particular) are encouraged to come out Friday evening and will be given priority during sign-up for Friday night arrival as we have limited sites reserved. Those Father-Son teams deciding to come out on Friday evening, will be treated to a Cracker Barrel (Snack) and informal campfire. NO Dinner, so eat before you come or pick something up on the way! We have limited spaces available Friday evening but will not have any problems accommodating everyone on Saturday and Sunday.


Camp Director: Mac Cannary, scouting@texas.net or 257-1107
Asst. Director and Cubmaster: Jay Piersall, piersall@flash.net
Camp Medic: Russell Watson, ruswat@yahoo.com
Camp Fireman: Tate Davis, taterd@yahoo.com
Grubmaster: Mac Cannary, scouting@texas.net
Youth Guides: EACH PARENT!

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Each campsite will hold eight (8) people and four (4) tents. There will be plenty of room for all as we have rented the entire area for Saturday and Sunday. When you are planning the trip, remember to take Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Youth Protection into consideration. In particular no youth (other than your own) can be an Adults tent. So if "youth" desire to tent with each other they must tent with only other youth, no Adults. It is recommended that each youth tent with their own Father or Legal Male Gardian. NOTE: Participation by a Legal Male Gardian must be prearranged with the Camp Director and we must have the appropriate paperwork on file for that attendee too. BSA Youth Protection and the Guide to Safe Scouting will be strictly adhered to.

Additionally, each campsite has it's own picnic table on a cement slab which is covered by a hard top patio cover. This will provide each campsite with some limited weather protection. Each Rank will be assigned their own Campsites so they can create their own "compounds." So for instance, the Tiger Cubs Compound will have all the Tiger Cub's camping together as a group and the Wolf Compound will have all the Wolf's camping together and so on yet all compounds will be easily seen from each other. This will aid the adult leaders in keeping watch over their scouts safety as we will be camping on the waters edge.

ALL MUST CHECK-IN HERE UPON ARRIVAL! Group Pavillion This is also the First Aid Station
ALL ADULT ATTENDEE'S ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE COMPLETED BSA YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING ONLINE AND TO HAVE SUBMITTED A COPY OF THEIR CARD TO THE CAMP DIRECTOR PRIOR TO ARRIVING AT CAMP. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. This has been endorsed and agreed upon by the Pack Leaders Council. The Online Youth Protection Training takes about 20 minutes and can be completed at the following link: http://www.bsacac.org/Training/OnlineTraining.php. Your Council is the Capital Area Council #564, you District is Armadillo and your Member Number can be found on your membership card or you can contact the Scout Office at 512-926-6363 or 1-800-444-1910. You are a member of Pack 90, if asked. If you don't have a memeber number or can't find it, you must do the training anyway, just send the Camp Director your Youth Protection Card with your name on it. Please don't let this item keep you from the time of your life camping and fishing with your son at beautiful Lake Somerville. Act today! Additionally, ALL ATTENDEES MUST HAVE A BSA MEDICAL FORM ON FILE with the Camp Director prior to attending camp.

Check In here! We can even stay toasty, if it's cold! Umm, Grill

SOME MEALS will be provided by the Pack. They will be Saturday: Breakfast (for those who camped over night), Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast!

We will be practicing "Green Camping" so you will need to bring you own eating equipment. As simple as a Frisbee and a spoon or as complex as a Mess kit and utensils. Each camper will be responsible for washing their own dishes and flatware. Meals will be a cooperative effort.

The Grubmaster will coordinate the cooking but each Rank will assist as cooks for one meal.

  • Wolf Host Saturday Lunch,
  • Webelos I and II Host Saturday Dinner and
  • Tiger Cubs and Bears Host Sunday Breakfast.
    More details will be shared at camp. This is the only way to allow all adults to have quality time with their sons and to have fun too.

    NOTE: Peanut Butter and Bread will be available at every meal. 
    Saturday Breakfast
    Only for those who camped over Friday Night

    Instant Oatmeal
    Sausage Wrap
    Hot Chocolate

    Saturday Lunch
    Foil Packet Meals custom made by each person to their unique tastes by that person and cooked over charchol by that person!
    Beef Meat Balls
    Bell Pepper
    V-8 Juice
    Iced Tea Adults
    "Bug Juice" Scouts
    Saturday Dinner
    Beef Fajitas
    Chicken Fajitas
    Flour Tortillas
    "Texas Pickles"
    Bell Peppers
    Iced Tea (Adults)
    Bug Juice (Scouts)
    Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
    Hot Chocolate!


    Sunday Breakfast
    Granola Bars
    Hot Chocolate



    Now you may be asking, Just what do I pack? You need to bring your own tenting, sleeping gear, eating gear and personal comfort items. If you have been camping before you know the routine. If this is your first time to go camping this link to the SCOOP Sheet may be helpful. If you have questions please contact the Camp Director or ask another family who have had camping experience.

    If your Scout is wanting to learn how to use a pocket knife or to bring a pocket knife, here are the rules on knives at camp:

    NOTE: At any time, ANY ADULT at camp has the responsibility to confiscate a knife that is being improperly used. Involved knife should be immediately given directly to the parent of the child.

    • First, the Scout must have earned the BSA Cub Scout Whittlin' Chip Card which is proof that he has attended basic knife safety instruction.
    • Second, the Adult must be in custody of the knife unless the Scout is actively whittling.
    • Third, the Scout must be in possession of their Whittlin' Chip Card when they are using their knife.
    • Fourth, it is the Parents primary responsibility to monitor their sons use of the knife and maintain compliance with the established knife safety rules.

    It is highly recommended that only "lock blade" knives NO longer than 3 inches be used. Fixed blade knives are prohibited by BSA and can not be brought to camp.


    • No Camouflage Clothing (BSA does not desire camouflage clothing to be associated with Scouting)
    • No Electronic Toys: "Scout electronics" can NOT be brought out of the vehicles
    • Do not bring "fixed blade" knives
    • Do NOT bring soda's or pop
    • No Candy, Please
    • Sorry, no Siblings or non-Pack 90 Cub Scouts
    • No Drugs, Weapons or Fireworks
    • No Animals or Pets
    When Scout camping, we camp in a "Non-Smoking" and "Leave No Trace" Style.
    There will be a designated smoking area out of sight of the youth.


  • The Buddy System must be adhered to and used the entire time at camp.
  • This includes bathroom trips and just exploring around camp. This is a safety issue so I'm sure all will comply.
  • The "Primary Buddies" are the Father and Son, "Substitute Buddies" can be two Scouts who move together as approved by an Adult. This is a requirement since we are camping on the shore of a lake.

    Da' Fishing Pier Fish Cleaning Pavillion Easy Access!

    Friday, November 13th
    Fishing only with a Buddy and Adult supervision done most anytime!
    07:30 pm Early Bird Registration: Check in at Group Pavillion #3
    08:30 pm Evening Cracker Barrel and Campfire
    10:00 pm Quiet Time

    Saturday , November 14th
    Fishing only with a Buddy and Adult supervision done most anytime!
    08:00 am Rise and Shine Early Bird Campers! Prepare your own Breakfast!
    09:00 am Pack 90 Father-Son Campout Official Kickoff and Morning Flag Ceremony: Bear Scouts
    09:30 am Guided Nature Hike #1 leaves promptly
    10;30 am Guided Nature Hike #2 leaves promptly
    12;00 - 01:00 pm Lunch Time at our Group Pavillion
    01:30-02:00 pm Whittlin' Chip Instruction
    04:00 - 05:00 pm Boy Scouting Patrol Interactive by Troop 421
    05:45 pm Evening Flag Ceremony: Tiger Cubs and Wolf Scouts
    06:00 pm "ish" Dinner Time at our Group Pavillion
    08:00 pm Campfire hosted by Special Guest
    10:00 pm Quiet Time back at your compounds
    11:00 pm Lights Out!

    Sunday, November 15th
    Fishing only AFTER your camp is packed up and with a Buddy and Adult supervision.
    08:00 am Rise and Shine as Revelry is played!
    08:15 am Morning Flag Ceremony: Webelos I Scouts
    09:00 am Breakfast at our Group Pavillion
    10:30 - 10:45 am Non-denominational "Chapel" conducted by Webelos II Scouts
    11:00 am Break Camp: Remember to "Leave No Trace!"
    12:00 pm Father-Son Campout ends although you are welcome to enjoy the park and fish the rest of the day!

    The COST per Father-Son Team for SATURDAY ARRIVAL is $40.00 (or $50.00 for FRIDAY ARRIVAL) total which includes Entrance Fee, Campsite Fee, Parking Fee and Meals as stated. Payable preferably by check at the October Pack Meeting. Make checks payable to "BSA Pack 90." Thank you!

    SPECIAL NOTE: Some Scouts may have earned a FREE CAMPOUT for themselves due to their Popcorn Sales! In this case, their will be a discount of $20.00 applied against the amount owed. Mr. Watson will get the Camp Director a list of eligable Scouts before the October Pack Meeting, so keep on sellin' that popcorn!

      Registration is CLOSED as of 07:00 am November 11, 2009!   


    Registration Roster
    Last Name PAID Arrival Director has copy of YP card Director has copy of Medical
    Buffington Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Chapman Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Cloud Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Doyle Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Fannin Yes Saturday No Yes
    McGrath Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Last Name PAID Arrival Director has copy of YP card Director has copy of Medical
    Barrera Yes Saturday No NEED SCOUT have adult
    Ford Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Nelson Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Steinhauser Yes Saturday Yes NEED ADULT, have Scout
    Last Name PAID Arrival Director has copy of YP card Director has copy of Medical
    Davis Yes Friday No Yes
    Dichiera Yes Saturday No No
    Elliott Yes Friday No Yes
    Estrada Yes Saturday No No
    Garana Yes Saturday Yes NEED ADULT, have Scout
    Margulies Yes Friday Yes Yes
    McBryde Yes Saturday No Yes
    Ortiz Yes Friday Yes Yes
    Patterson Yes Saturday No No
    Piersall Yes Friday Yes NEED ADULT, have Scout
    Last Name PAID Arrival Director has copy of YP card Director has copy of Medical
    Allan Yes Saturday No No
    Nielsen Yes Saturday Yes NEED SCOUT have adult
    Nipper NO Friday No No
    WEBELOS II: Pather Patrol
    Last Name PAID Arrival Director has copy of YP card Director has copy of Medical
    Barrera Yes Saturday No NEED SCOUT have adult
    Cannary Yes Friday Yes Yes
    Cotter Yes Saturday Yes NEED ADULT, have Scout
    Jones Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Klahn Yes Friday Yes No
    Ortiz Yes Friday Yes Yes
    Simon Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Stirton Yes Saturday Yes Yes
    Watson Yes Friday Yes No